Whether you're an expert angler or a first-time fisherman, you can't beat Minnesota ice fishing!

Minnesota ice fishing is the best in the world. If you're after prize Northern Pike or Walleye, though, you'll want to seriously consider Lake of the Woods ice fishing.

Lake of the Woods is located at the top of northern Minnesota, in what many people consider "God's country." The lake itself is huge, about 80 miles long and 60 miles wide, and straddles the United States and Canada border. It's home to many large fish, including Walleye, Sauger, Northern Pike and Sturgeon. You might say this lake is an angler's paradise.

Most Lake of the Woods resorts offer ice fishing as well as traditional warm weather fishing. However, many anglers swear that by far, ice fishing for Walleye is the most exhilarating and satisfying fishing experience.

What can you expect when you go ice fishing for Walleye? Many people envision sitting on a bucket over a frozen lake, chilled by frigid winter snow and winds, trying to reel in a rod with frost-bitten fingers.

This picture couldn't be farther from the truth!

Today's ice fisherman can take advantage of many comfortable innovations, including a nice, warm ice fishing house. Imagine fishing in a small cabin, complete with heat, toilet facilities, even a cooking stove and bunks for a nap when desired. There are several small holes drilled in the floor so that you can drop your hook and line and ice fish for Walleye, all in the comfort of your snug ice fishing house. Some people like to stay overnight on the ice in their sleeper fish house.

And the best part is that anyone, young or old, can ice fish.

If you can bait your hook with a minnow and drop your line through a hole in the ice, then you can

Hurghada property will surely be remembered in history as one of the greatest investments of recent times, and given the current levels of investment throughout the region, it seems as though the next few years will become a defining time for this beautiful part of the Red Sea coast.

Hurghadas tourism industry is still in its infancy; however it is growing at a phenomenal rate, with an increasing number of low cost and budget airlines now offering flights into the new international airport. With property throughout the region is still exceptionally well priced, especially given the increasing demand for tourist accommodation, it is understandable that a large number of overseas investors have purchased in this popular tourist resort.

This rapid expansion and growth being experienced in Hurghada is not without its problems, and with the exception of the international airport, large parts of the surrounding areas are in need of infrastructure investment. However, with the Egyptian government keen to capitalise on the regions growing tourism industry, it is likely that the federal investment in the region will continue for the foreseeable future.

Hurghada is a unique prospect in that respect, because tourism the tourism infrastructure (hotels. Accommodation, resorts) and property investment are all having to grow at the same time, their growth is becoming interlinked. The property investment opportunities that currently exist in Hurghada are very much aimed at becoming a part of the tourism infrastructure, which can only benefit the investors in the long run. Things like apartment hotel investment products, hotel room investments, and resort property investments are all far more common than villas or apartments for sale in Hurghada.

Put simply: because tourism is growing so rapidly, the tourism industry has been forced to work directly with the construction industry.

However, rather than just build resorts to serve the tourism sector, the

Thekkady the home to the exotic wildlife sanctuary, natural spice and scenic is one of the most preferred holidaying destinations of Kerala. Every year a large number of tourists from all over the world come to Thekkady to enjoy their vacation in a memorable and delightful way. One can explore the refreshing beauty of nature, different species of birds and the majestic elephants roaming in the natural abundance. Well if you want to experience the magic of nature from close point, Thekkady is the right place to visit. In this beautiful destination there are many hotels and resorts, perfectly situated amidst the beauty of nature and are dedicated to cater the needs of tourists. Hotels in Thekkady are well equipped with modern amenities and cater the needs of each and every thing tourists are looking for in Thekkady.
Here are some of the hotels and resorts in Thekkady.
Ranger Wood Nature Castle
Sandra Palace Thekkady
Wild Corridor
Hotel Tree Top
Carmelia Heaven
Silver Creast
Periyar Meadows
Green Woods Resorts
Lake Queen Hotel
Muthoot Cardamom Country Resort
Hotel SN International
The Spice Village Thekkady

These hotels and resorts in Thekkady are very popular among tourists and honeymoon couples who come here to enjoy their vacation. These hotels provide exotic rooms with all the modern facilities to make the stay a memorable experience of lifetime. A personal member of the hotel will take care of all your need and demands so that you have a wonderful stay in these Thekkady resorts and hotels.
Some of the popular tourist attraction in Thekkady
Cardamom Hills: It is a mountainous region that produces cardamom, spice and other spice plantation. It also offers breathtaking view of the scenic natural beauty.
Kumily: It is known for its spice plantation and is popularly known as Spice Village.
Kurisumala: It

Blackpool built its famous tower and earned itself the title "Paris of the north." The guest house, complete along with the redoubtable Brit landlady, was built to house folks during their stay. Pre-second world war, the holiday camp, the most famous being Butlins, was developed, offering the Brit working class holidaymaker a communal setting, with lodgings, catering and entertainment all on one site.

Britain's unbalanced climate, joined with the development of mass air travel in the past 40 years saw something of a decline in the acclaim for the states holiday resort. The average Briton is actually now more certain to jet off to sunnier climes instead of spend their annual vacation in their own country. From time to time depression and a fall in the value of sterling has seen this trend arrested. But British resorts are now depending increasingly on the development of entertainments, including theatres and theatres, and in particular night life for the clubbing generation though the admiration for visiting the coast and staying at one of the wondeful caravan holiday parks is just as high as it was in the halycon days of the 1950s.

English Seaside Vacations In The Nineteen Fifties

The typical seaside vacation in the United Kingdom in the 1950s was quite different from those enjoyed today. Admittedly, there was the same wish to lounge on the beaches, paddle in the sea and revel in the entertainments as there is today, but the the past half century saw large changes in tastes and expectancies.

A far larger share of Britons enjoyed their holidays in their home country than they do today. In the Nineteen Fifties inexpensive global flights had not been introduced and the massive vacation resorts of the Mediterranean and beyond magnets for modern sun-seeking Brits had not been developed. For their summer vacations the

The multiple ownership of individual weeks brought with it the guarantee of reservations for those who wanted to ski in the area. It was an immediate success. By the 1970's some faltering condominium projects in St. Thomas, Fort Lauderdale and Puerto Rico were converted over to vacation ownership and thereafter timesharing became a viable vacation alternative.

Once the concept of vacation ownership was embraced by the United States it began to gain wide acceptance by the public. Sales jumped to over 50 million by the mid 1970's and has climbed to more than 2 billion annually today. Vacation ownership has enjoyed substantial growth over the years with approximately 3.3 million timeshares sold since 1980. Currently there are over 5,000 vacation ownership resorts in over 75 countries around the world.

Exchanging a vacation ownership week in one resort for that of another resort was introduced in 1974 and thereafter timesharing offered variety and flexibility in the vacation experience. Although there are many exchange companies available which provide excellent service, the two major forces are Resort Condominiums International (RCI) which has approximately 3,250 member resorts and Interval International (II) with approximately 1,600 member resorts. Combined, these two companies provided over 1,600,000 exchanges last year.

During a 30 year span, the industry has grown from small (15-20 unit ) hotel conversions to the high quality condominium resorts of today. The evolution of the industry from scattered entrepreneurs to well managed professional development companies has brought with it a noticeable change for the better. Definitive leaders have emerged and created standards and ethics for management, marketing and sales practices. One such organization is the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) who's members are required to comply with the established "Code of Ethics." The recent entrance into the marketplace by major hospitality chains such as Disney, Hilton, Ramada, and

If you are looking to enjoy a luxury and indulgence holiday in Western Australia then you need to find suitable accommodation for your stay. What better way to pamper yourself than to stay in one of the many Western Australia resorts that cater to all your comfort and luxury needs in style. As it is this part of Australia is known for its high quality resorts. It is home to a number of award winning properties. The fact that local accommodation for tourists has been set up amidst serene natural environments further adds value to it.

Some of the top rated Western Australia resorts are as follows:

If you happen to be making your way to the South West then the Amalfi Resort is definitely worth checking out. Not only is this one of the top rated hotels because of its extensive facilities and high level of services but it is also counted as one of the best value accommodation choices in the region. The strategic location of the resort makes it act as the gateway from where you can access the Margaret Wine River. The Amalfi Resort caters to couples and families with its two and three bedroom villas that are loaded with all sorts of amenities. Starting from $173, this is one of the first places you should be checking out on your trip to South West WA.

Broome and the North WA is the actual hub of Western Australia resorts. It is here that you will be able to find the region's best accommodation choices in the form of exquisite resorts for families and couples. The Kununurra Country Club Resort is one of Broome's top rated properties. It is located in a serene environment and grants convenient access to some of the untouched regions of the North West. If peace

Hawaii is 1 of the world's premiere destination wedding places for apparent factors. The tropical paradise is a fantastic location to exchange vows and multitude of settings-from luxurious beachside resorts to quaint chapels and up-nation areas-are like no other folks in the planet.

When preparing a Hawaii wedding ceremony, there are a number of crucial concerns. These consist of place, celebrant, photography and some of the extras that make a Hawaii wedding ceremony unique./p>

Hawaii Wedding ceremony Spots
Every single of the major Hawaiian islands have a thing distinctive to give for weddings.

Oahu has some wonderful marriage ceremony locations not far from Waikiki Beach and can be a good choice for those who are seeking a wedding and possible honeymoon in a more urban environment. Hotels and services are generally less expensive in Oahu, so it a typical option for much more value-conscious brides and grooms.

Maui is an additional well-liked option for weddings in Hawaii. House to many luxurious oceanfront resorts, Maui has many splendid locations-both oceanfront and up-country. A wedding on Maui, however, can be very expensive as the accommodations, food and company companies are possibly the most pricey in Hawaii.

A Kauai wedding ceremony is a excellent selection for individuals who are cozy with a tiny island sensation. There are a lot of splendid seashores and resorts in Kauai, but notice that you will almost certainly have less alternatives than you would on Maui or Oahu.

A Hawaii Island (typically named the Big Island) marriage ceremony are well-known because of to the exclusive splendor and exceptional spots even though at the same time having many world-class resorts. Most Hawaii weddings are in West Hawaii along the Kohala and Kona coasts. The Big Island also presents a enormous range of land and drinking water routines to make for a wonderful honeymoon spot.