Formerly known as the Sirenis Cayo Santo Maria, the luxury property previously owned by the Spanish hotel chain has now passed hands to the Gaviota hotel group, a Cuban state owned hotel group which has been progressively taking over the resort in the last couple of months.

Now renamed as the Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria, the former Sirenis property has been undergoing several updates and renovations while still operating as normal and welcoming visitors as usual. With the management transfer from one hotelier to the other has being carried out in the background, the changes have gone almost unnoticed to visitors as most guests enjoying Cuba holidays at the luxurious and modern Cayo Santa Maria resort have noticed virtually no disturbance.

Officially re-launched under Gaviota's brand name, the newly revamped Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria boasts some of the most amazing swimming pools to be found in the whole of Cuba, each beautifully landscaped with extensive freeform designs and additional water mirrors that create a stunning effect.

Boasting a refreshing collection of 769 elegantly appointed and modern guest rooms, ranging from standard double rooms, ocean view rooms and luxury suites, accommodation at the Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria is comfortable and inviting. Providing travellers with fantastic all inclusive holidays in Cuba's northern Santa Maria Key, the resorts' wide range of facilities include a wide variety of restaurants with varying dining options to choose from, an array of water sports and entertainment activities as well as live music shows, a Baby Club for the youngest guests, a state-of-the-art gym and a relaxing spas for those in need of pampering and indulgence.

Officially rated as a 4-star Plus category resort, this vast hotel complex located at the popular Cuban holiday destination of Cayo Santa Maria, a small key situated in the northern coast of the

  1. Choosing the proper destination for your summer vacations or holiday is crucial. The destination must be an entrancing spot as it should be relished all though your holiday. Punta Cana is one of the greatest and must-visit visitor spots in the globe. It is sited in the Dominican Republic stuffed with beaches, resorts and cafes, it's a picturesque place with much to find and explore. This place comprises of mountains and savannas, the climate here is hot from May to Nov and slight rainfall is experienced during Nov to March. The resorts here are attention-grabbing and have a varied assortment of design. The inside design of these resorts has a resemblance to the Spanish and Mexican cultures. The nightlife within the resorts is energetic with shows performed by the local artists, while outside of the resort you can enjoy yourself in premium discotheques and can have interaction with the local residents and know about its culture.

    Gastronomic offer of Punta Cana is complete along with the dishes from Thailand, China and France. Manati Park a water theme park build in the 90's draws more tourists ; you can view an array of plant life and exotic wild animals here. The entry ticket to the water theme park cost roughly from $25.00 to $30.00 for everybody. You can enjoy here swimming with the dolphins, or have a ride on a pony. y.

    You may have fun with the parrots and watch the tribal dance by the neighbors of Punta Cana. There also are a large range of stores where you should buy anything starting from hand-crafted gifts to jewellery. The trip to Saona Island will be more engaging, you will be given different assortment of foods in the ship.

    As you get to the Island you will be offered the most tasty food of

Fridays Boracay Beach Resort, a world-renowned premiere resort nestled on Boracays pristine white beach, is now expanding to help boost tourism in the Philippines. With its recent ground breaking and construction of the resort-hotel at Boquete Beach in the lagoons of Puerto Galera, Fridays Puerto Galera is expected to open next year catering to foreign and local clients, with the first 18 rooms to be opened to loyal clients before the December The Fridays holiday period.

Boquete Beach at Puerto Galera was designed to have 75 rooms, with spa and idyllic carefree resort features, and most importantly, conforming to indigenous design and environmentally blended architecture, once fully completed at end 2010. Boulevard Holdings Inc. appointed the same world class architects from the Maldives, who have listed Conde Nast Traveler ranked properties such as the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort Hotel of 120 rooms at Kuda Huraa Atoll Maldives and many more, as some of their projects.

Fridays Boracay and Fridays Boquete Beach resorts are owned and developed by Boulevard Holdings Inc. Just recently, BHI disclosed the sale of 100% of its interest in Alliance Technologies Corporation (ATC) and Avrion Systems, Inc. (ASI), old information technology (IT) industry players in the telecommunications equipment business for contact centers and enterprises. The company declared that Alliance Technologies Corporation and Avrion Systems, Inc. would no longer be connected with the hotel, property and investment holding company.

BHI Chairman, Jose Marcel Panlilio said that, We are mindful that our board directors, investors and clients have recognized the value of investment and concentration in the resort hotel business. Selling ATC and ASI is a major decision and a challenge that we have to face. With the current economic crisis, the company decided to invest in something that will help the country boost tourism and gain premium profits as well.

The Four Seasons Seychelles Resort has teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles to provide a programme that gives holidaymakers the opportunity to swim with whale sharks.

Tourists taking scuba diving holidays at the Seychelles resort will be able to book whale shark watching excursions where they will have the chance to swim and snorkel with the friendly giant creatures.

Whale sharks are filter feeding so they pose no threat to humans despite their huge size. The gentle creatures are most likely to be found in waters surrounding the Seychelles during September and October as they make their journey to the central west coast of Australia during their annual migration.

The MCSS will use MicroLite aircraft to track whale sharks on a daily basis and once spotted, the Fours Seasons recreation team will be notified, guests will be alerted and they will be taken out on a boat charter to the location where the whale sharks were spotted.

Seychelles is one of the few places in the world that you can spot whale sharks, so this is really a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with them, explained Diarmuid Connolly, the Leisure Experience Manager. Sightings dont happen every day, so signing up to the programme is no guarantee of being able to see them, but the hard work of the MCSS means the prospect are increased. We will contact you if there is a sighting, so you can relax and enjoy the facilities of the Resort.

The Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles is a non-governmental organisation that includes a team of local scientists, ecologists and conservationists. The organisation works hard to improve the conservation of marine eco-systems through scientific, management, educational and training programmes within one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world.

The whale shark swimming excursions costs EUR

If you are looking to have fun with a high-class and pleasure vacation in European then you need to discover appropriate housing according to your need. So, what better way to indulge yourself than to remain in one of the many European Sydney resorts that serve all you're high-class and comfort needs comprehensively.
Europe is famous world over for its top great quality resorts. It is home to a variety of top rated resorts which are ably aimed to render regional housing for visitors in a very relaxing natural ambience thereby further adding to its worth.

Some of the premiers Food Packaging in Western Australia are as follows:
If you happen to be making your way to the Southern Western then the Amalfi Hotel is definitely a place to look for. Not only is this one of the premier resorts because of its comprehensive features and advanced level of services but it is also mentioned as one of the best value housing options in the area. The ideal location of the accommodation makes it act as the entrance from where you can accessibility the Maggie Wine Stream. The Amalfi Hotel fits partners and family members with its two and three bed room holiday villas that are packed with all kinds of features. Starting from $173, this is one of the first places you should be looking at on your trip to Southern Western WA.

Broome and the Northern WA is the actual hub of European Sydney resorts. It is here that you will be able to discover the best housing options in the form of beautiful resorts for family members and partners. The Kununurra Country Team Hotel is one of Broome's premier qualities. It is located in a relaxing atmosphere and allows practical accessibility some of the unchanged areas of the Northern

Chances are you had a significant other that you recently broke up with. Now you are feeling all alone, depressed and at your wit's end after realizing you have lost the person you love the most. Now you want that person to be back but you believe that the probability of fixing a broken relationship is slim to none. But don't give up hope! Fixing a broken relationship and rekindling that old love may not be easy but it is possible. Below are some tips which may help you start fixing a broken relationship.

1.Usually, break-ups happen when both of the parties involved are angry. Decision making through rational thinking is completely obstructed by emotions. It helps to be calm and be back at your rational state before trying to start fixing a broken relationship. You can't hurry things up. Fixing a broken relationship is a process. Although waiting for the right time to do things sucks, you have no choice but to wait so that your efforts can succeed. Remember, before you start fixing a broken relationship, it is advisable that you give your significant other the space they have always wanted. The reality of things is you are always hurting them and yourself, whether they are with or without you. It's much better leaving them off alone so that you and your significant other could think things through.

2.Talking to your ex a week after your break up is a big no-no. Learn to respect each other's feelings. Being clingy, needy and desperate for your ex may not be one of your normal traits and lessens your chance of fixing a broken relationship. Stop stalking to your ex and give them time to miss you. According to studies, it takes a minimum of 3 months before a person totally gets

The Famagusta area of Cyprus covers a large part of the Islands East coast and includes the town of Paralimni. Originally the town of Famagusta itself would have lain at the heart of the district but alas it now lies in total dereliction. In fact it has been labeled a ghost town and not without good reason. In 1974 Turkey invaded Northern Cyprus and Famagusta town was where they halted that invasion. The once proud holiday resort portion of the town now lies partly enclosed within the buffer zone between the North and South. This area is patrolled by a United Nations peace keeping force and the larger part of Famagusta resort is now totally inaccessible. Tourist can however visit the Turkish side of the Island and see for themselves the crumbling ruins of this once prestigious holiday resort.

Close to the border with northern Cyprus is the village of Kapparis which at one time was the last stop on the main coastal road to Famagusta town. Over the years kapparis has grown into a thriving resort with bars, restaurants and supermarkets lining the main street. There has also been huge property development in the resort recently which in turn has led to an influx of holiday home buyers most of who are British. In fact Kapparis has earned itself the nickname "little Britain" in light of the many Brits who have settled there. It is also one of the few holiday resorts on the Islands West coast that stays open all year round. So if you love genuine fish and chips or a Chinese take away Kapparis is the ideal place to take your Cyprus holidays.

About two miles down the road is one of Famagusta's gems, a sleepy little holiday resort called Pernera which nestles against the coast just below